Maxwell Addo

City and East London Counselling and Psychotherapy

Professional and experienced counselling and psychotherapy service for individuals and couples.

Safe and confidential environment providing tailored support for a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, low moods, identity issues, relationship issues, anger management, phobias, stress and more. 

What Is Therapy?

Therapy is the meeting of a therapist and client in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

The goal of therapy is to better understand psychological and emotional difficulties and find ways to resolve issues such as problematic beliefs, behaviours, feelings or relationship issues which can affect our daily lives.

Therapy can often be misunderstood as being required only for people experiencing unbearable life problems or significant mental health issues. Although therapy can certainly be beneficial in those situations, therapy can also be useful to address those early concerns that clients may not yet understand, or for something as simple as self-reflecting, needing help reaching a specific goal or having someone trained to talk to.

Although there are various therapeutic approaches, generally speaking, therapists do not tell their clients what to do or create the solutions for the client but rather have more of a co-creating role where they mirror back the responses from the client to reach mutual conclusions about the best steps to take for the client.

Therapy can be challenging, insightful and revealing and can often bring a range of emotions and feelings to the surface. The role of a trained therapist is to support the client through their journey at a pace that is appropriate and thoughtful, taking into account the clients needs.